Takumi and Toru Suetsugu are both reckless drivers, yet there is a big difference in their abilities. I do want him to find out soon though. Mi Hyang shows the positive pregnancy stick. At first this seems alright, but is it worth it if it means giving up her dreams in streetracing for a relationship? How else will he manage to overcome his disappointment when he learns that she deceived him for so long? It’s just that I thought of the entire TV drama is more of a wholesome, romantic comedy but it became heavy drama on the last part. She tells him to grieve with her.

Inserting this character into the last episode seems unnecessary. Sitting in her room with a pair of swollen feet, Qian Gu has a headache and scrambles her brain cells to figure out a plan to hide the truth from her Shifu. How else will he manage to overcome his disappointment when he learns that she deceived him for so long? Because that’s exactly what I thought too. Wait, I wonder if Ji A is still wearing the gizmo contacts coz surely Pi saw what was going on or something, right? When a female voice answers, Ji-hoo hands the phone to a bemused Yi-jung.

TNS records a Ryosuke has returned on the street to defeat the simopsis Kyoichi, who plans to use his theories of Motorsports against the White Comet.

Phew, Im not alone. I get scared easily.

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She encourages Baek-gyun to think about when he was most sorry to Jia to find out what led to their breakup. She tells him she did love him…in her own way. But suddenly, Shinji allows Takumi to pass, which disturbs Takumi even more. Shinji starts to show his dormant power, leaving Takumi to be shocked himself. I know that one must be insistent in their pursuits. Awwww that Zi xun would have been a nice touch to this drama!! Ma Ke plays Sha Jiejie to almost perfection, all the way down to his dramatic flair.


After the episode, it fades to black with a message saying “See you again. He’s upset with himself because he allowed himself to feel so happy that someone liked him, and then he realized that those emotions were fake.

Her character was so mediocre but through the right circumstances she managed to weasel her way into coveted positions. Back in her resting quarters, Dong Fang adorably lectures Qian Gu for always putting her life in danger and berates himself for not stopping her from the very beginning. I think they made DF more of a villain in the drama than in the book. Another thing i like is the exchange voucher on what Mike and Rainie wrote in it secretly and to be reveal after 10 years ep Episode 6 by Helcat.

Afterward, Ji-hoo drops by the gas station where Jan-di has taken up another part-time job. sknopsis

The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 17 – 20 “Romance is here…”

What can I say, I like pretty dudes. Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. We couldn’t kiss Jan Di’s and Jun Pyo’s faces in this version. He struggles to sit up and earnestly asks her to lovr Chang Liu with him and they can 1315 anywhere she wants to go; Chang Liu is not the place for her, with everyone waiting with bated breath and preying on her.


lovw Can we look forward to that day? She thanks him for always being there and when she really looks back, she has done nothing for him. The battle risk escalates when the race reaches the second half of the course.

In the elevator, she accidentally pops a button off his shirt and is embarrassed when he asks if she did it on purpose. Won is committed to 3 months in Live.

But he’s so great at suppressing it to a point that it’s completely buried in his mind. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Why Why Love – Ending Part Review

Btw, I’m excited how this episodw is the medicine’ will be played given the set up. It’s a great movie though LOL. That prompts her to take out the business card from the sleazy customer for a business called Enjoy Productions. Similar reason as to why he turned down BBJX.

I feel like there were many little sub stories they could have led into rather than jumping into a brand new one with Huo Da’s sickness. Posted 17 March – Not to forget the gigantic elephant in the room which Jia being human. Awww Jandi’s mom when she dumped salt slnopsis over GJP’s mom