Sora yells at him to come back and be a proper husband! He didnt expect to fall for her and traditionally Koreans frown on such relationship even though they are not blood related that was why he was very secretive whenever SR appears when he skypes her. One of them asks her if she knows if Tan is coming to school. Now at school, Tan and JS put on a show for the reporters, looking happy and comfortable with each other. Lee is severely disappointed with his son, but he finally gives in and lets Tae Sung divorce Se Na… on the condition that he never end up with Sora. ES prepares her mom for the difficult thing she has to say. He calls ES, but YD picks up. So Eun Sang runs away.

How can she bear the guilt of already dragging him down this far? The other ticket will give her 2 weeks to see Tan as much as she wants. And so he cries. But Tan finds out, and he pleads with her to trust him, to only listen to him, and to stay by his side. Despite all my concerns in the beginning of where this drama was going to go, I was satisfied with how it concluded and how it ended up being fun throughout. I first noticed she was missing around episode At school, R gives her report about The Great Gatsby.

Then he will go bring her back. Poor Joon Hyuk, he looks so constipated at the thought that his first task is to deal with the most episore woman in the world.

Joon Hyuk initially declines, but the haeunfae is tempting…. And before I knew it, here we are, at the end. And JS is helping him thanks to the stocks that dad gave him.

Recap: The Heirs Episode 16

HL was totally loveable and the actors made this an enjoyable ride. When the episode is over, I will go back to my notes, fix them up a bit and update part by part on each recap post while waiting for the torrents. The zippy pace of the drama helped, and while it did slow down when it had to to set up future plot points, epjsode never felt like the series was losing steam.


Isnopsis ‘s Monday—Tuesday dramas. ES lies that the guards left their positions for just a moments, and she used the opportunity because she missed him.

Recap: The Heirs Episode 16 | Scattered Joonni

When Tam Hee calms down a bit, Joon Hyuk breaks the news not-so-gently: I had such a good time watching and as long as drama gives me joy it’s good enough to be called good. The reason for her visit is the divorce papers. Tan is up in his room, listening to the news about him and remembering what Won said to him earlier.

Does she like grilled eel, by chance?

Sinopsis Drama Haeundae Lovers (Tamat)

ES repeats that she missed him a lot, and hhaeundae is why she came up here. She tells him to go the meeting; she will stay a bit longer to take pictures to show her mom.

This was a program that was not to be taken seriously. Tae Sung tells Joon Hyuk that his first act as president is to get rid of Tam Hee for good, and skips out of the room. I live like you want me to right?

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The ending was close to reality since the mom never really accepted their relationship but loved her grandchildren still. It would be better, though, if she also called just because. Coz she can trust him already….

How can she bear the guilt of already dragging him down this far? Oh boy — if it were not for the fact that I know they hate each other, I would have thought they were flirting.

I was trying to figure out why the producers dropped her, I think it was either she was a poor actor and the character never developed like the Uncles did or she served her plot purposes. Episodes by odilettante. Read all the recaps though. Joon Hyuk also wants to apologize: ES says she wants to leave now since her mom will be worried, and YD lets her go since this will make Tan even more angry when he gets here.


This drama could easily fall if given to the wrong hands i. As an amnesiac took the name Nam Hae and believed himself to be a body builder and night club performer. Before ES can get mad that he and Tan keep picking up her calls, YD tries to get it out of her exactly why she cried. Oh good — I was starting to wonder if she thought the Antarctica expansion was a good idea, but it seems she was humoring her son the entire time.

But Tan finds out, and he pleads with her to trust him, to only listen to him, and to stay by his side. Won pulls her into a desperate hug. THAT would be really wrong.

Tan thanks YD for coming to his house that day and also helping him escape. Young Sook leaves, without even bothering to visit Joong Shik because that would be the least painful way for the both of them. It was just the right amount of fluff to sinopsks some of the darker shows Gaksitaaaaaal! Look forward to your next recap work. No Preview for Episode 17 Comment: They make me cry when I think about Eun Sang. She chose the second option, wanting to be with Tan just a bit more.

This drama was no doubt far loverx perfect, but it certainly had the best actors for the job. And the sinopiss So Ra got, does anyone know where I can get one also, please, please, please??