Mission accomplished, Seo-young heads out, and she runs into Woo-jae on the stairwell. Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us. Thank you for being alive. Ka kite ano whanau take care my family …. If I am to make an excuse, that was why I felt more desperate and rushed. He extends his hand, and Seo-young places hers in his warm clasp.

As he walked past her, he accidentally knocked over her little tower with his beam of wood. Seo-young and Woo-jae walk along the street, and Seo-young expresses surprise at what Papa Kang had discussed with her father. Seems she is thriving in America — the program was supposed to be for 1 year, if I recall correctly — and Kyung-ho is going to see her soon when he visits Pennsylvania to give a lecture. I think this one was actually aired, not just tacked on. Papa Lee says they should have enjoyed a date together instead of taking him along, but Seo-young says the person Mama Lee wants to see the most may be Papa Lee. Papa Lee softly smiles and says they actually met here in Jin-an. Woow agaain thank you for your hardwork through the journey at SY land.

She really thought the guy was a student this time.

Her confession to Woo-jae-sshi felt like the substantive gift of this series and this episode was the beautiful wrapping that surrounded that gift. I am such a fun of your blog!!! After the sinopsus, the two couples take their photo with Papa Lee proudly standing in the center, and then with all of their parents — one happy family.

You come to a knitting workshop to learn how to knit.

SINOPSIS My Daughter Seo Young Episode 1 – 50 – SINOPSIS TAMURA

I want to keep it brief for once, especially since I always epically fail on that count. That evening, Mi-kyung presents the family with her plane ticket to America.


Though trials and tribulations litter the landscape, at the end of the day, we have someone to turn to: Call me out on it and I will welcome youuuu! Thanks for this drama that make us know each other from this recap. Fill those three years of independence without regret. It had all the elements of making sinopiss feel nice even if the story is at the end. Papa Lee softly smiles and says they actually met here in Jin-an. Jeffrey daughtfr to get rid of any doctor that was annoying him.

He happily asks if she got a lot of money from their father this time, too, and she answers that she did. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Log in with Email. And, of course, we cannot leave out the actors and actresses without whom this fictional world would not have come to life. WHY do they have an American flag hanging in the middle of the lab??

sinopsis my daughter seo young episode 1-terakhir

Papa Kang asks his wife what she thinks about this outrageousness, and Mama Kang just flashes her trademark smile and says they should support their kids.

Mama Lee had told Seo-young about how she missed Jin-an. Woo-jae is infecting everyone!

Again thank you so much for the journey in your blog. And it is not just yohng love between a man and a woman, but of a parent for his children, of children for their parents.

It ended up being a disaster. Thank you for being alive. So after putting away the beam, he came back and handed her a stone to help rebuild the tower. At the hospital, Papa Kang wakes up from a nap and finds Seo-young holding onto his hand, fast asleep.

Keep up the good work!!!! From the newbies to the leads to the veterans, every single person gave lights-out performances. Papa Lee is hard at work on another project, and Mrs. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I enjoyed it so much Visiting your blog was never a dull moment but an exciting and joyous one. If there is something you want to say, you should say them immediately instead of pushing it off.


Gotta be parked for this one, ya know. She tries to describe the feeling you get inside, and Ho-jung says she thinks she knows — when she holds Sol, she feels something tingle all throughout her body. It was not until you two were born that I understood how unfortunate my parents were. Papa Lee walks along Morae-jae Road and sees his younger self with a younger Mama Lee, holding hands as they strolled down the path. Since when have his children done whatever they wanted then merely given him notice?

Ji Seung Hyun Supporting Cast. She is obviously elated, and one of the guys asks if she asked Sang-woo to ask Kyung-ho for a recommendation letter.

My daughter Seo-yong is my favorite drama. So on behalf of us your friends Thank you…. My Daughter Seo-young cannot have been the journey it was without all of you here at the Patch. Descendants of the Sun. Out in the waiting area, Ho-jung is still sniffling and tearing up, and Sang-woo asks if she is really that happy.

Inscribed along the back of the chair are simple yet heart-warming words: Cancel reply Enter your comment here