Knowing that Mara’s party is the same day as Clara’s, they believe that Clara went there. Gary will not stop until he can let Lupe give him the ransom money from the Del Valle family. As when Mara arrived home, Christian was silently following her to be sure that she is safe. Gary then tells the police officers that he was not there at the Del Valle’s house checking on Alvira because he was with his daughter – Clara. With the thoughts that everybody is against her, Clara decided to call her father – Gary David Jhong Hilario. Derrick was the one being hit and they hurriedly went to the hospital. As for Mara, she pretended to be still unconscious and finally Clara have decided to bring her to the hospital so that she can be treated. Going back with Gary who is imprisoned, he don’t want Alvira and Amante to be successful.

At school, Clara went to see Mara and again gave her some insulting and hurtful words. But Gary will not allow her to reveal this truth yet for he has so many plans. Virginia and Nanding adopted Mara since she can not remember anything yet. On the other hand, Mara is not truly suffering from amnesia. Alvira then hurriedly went to the hospital to check on Amante’s condition and she is so worried about him. Mara went to see Lupe again because she wanted to make sure that someone is with Lupe. So Clara then just asked Gary David’s Jhong Hilario consent for her to go with her friends having a vacation. On the other hand, Gary is spying on Alvira because he wants to know where Alvira is going and what are the things that she has been doing.

Pashmkna David Mylene Dizon is happy to see Clara who is safe and is also happy seeing her. So there at school, Clara wanted to revenge on Mara real bad. But Clara refused for Gary has given her the money that she is expecting to have. With Mara’s survival, she is suffering from Amnesia.

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Clara was so mad at her father – Gary for not following the law again knowing that he have pashmmina filed a restraining order not to get near Alvira. So Gary asked some of his men to look for her.


While Gary’s boss knows that their enemy which is Carlo is the brother of Gary and will not stop until he will be dead. Amante then wants alvira to tell him that she is not loving him anymore and that will be the time that he is going to stop bothering Alvira. With this, Susan David Mylene Dizon will not tolerate her already for Clara is way too disrespectful and unkind to them already.

So Christian checked out in Paraiso Inn and hurriedly went to the bus station to catch on the bus on his way home. After knowing what Clara did, Susan went hurriedly to the hospital to see Mara’s condition.

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How will Clara do to her power to get sinosis her life whom she believed that Mara stole from her? Mara then asks Clara’s favor not to tell Desiree and her friends that she is there. Even though Mara was not at the Del Valle’s house anymore, she is still happy having her friends and Christian at school.

Nenita must not hurt Clara as she is Gary’s daughter. But Alvira didn’t believe Clara for she knew what is the truth behind Mara and Christians relationship. The day after, Alvira is surprised seeing Susan preparing their breakfast and pashkina tells Susan pasjmina to bother preparing it for them. Mara is worried on why Clara is in Isla Verde and thought that it would be better for her to go home. Derrick Gonzales Diego Loyzaga saw Clara who is disturbed and so he asked on what has happened to her.

B Based on dil. Clara can not believe that her father – Gary is risking her life right now but she is ready just to be with her father.

Clara won’t stop making a scene epiwode let Mara stay away from her family. Gary then hurts Susan because of hiding towards him and not telling about Mara.

Vanessa reacted as what Mara expected and Christian defended Mara to her mother.

When they had a big fight pasymina Mara at the pool, Alvira and her husband got home and saw them fought with each other. Clara was pashmlna jealous of Mara of what she received during Christmas from Clara’s family. Lupe then tells Alvira that she must not worry about it because Lupe knew that she is just trying to discipline Clara.


As for Alvira, she successfuly escaped from Gary and hurriedly rode a bus to move away from Isla Verde. Alvira then speculates Aihsa in protecting her father’s crime. Lupe did not want Gary to die because she does not want to lose another son again. Amante and Gary tried to find her but Gary refuses to because of a heavy rain.

She went directly to a doctor and have it DNA tested for her to know the truth about what David mostly told her. Alvira then thought that Mara is afraid to go out yet because her life is in danger. Isnopsis did not want to rush Mara to the hospital since it will only put him to jail. Susan, Alvira and Amante will tell Mara now and for this she can not accept the truth also. If she will, how will everybody react to this specially Gary that his mother – Lupe is turning her back against him and is ready to put him to jail?

Gary David Jhong Hilario stabbed Cristina because he don’t want her to speak about their pashina. With this incident, Mara decided to see Clara David Julia Montes in their house to confront her about some things. Will Alvira know about this?

Amante then tells Lupe to forget about the past, move on and help them out in putting Gary David Jhong Hilario to prison. Mara and her mother Susan is leaving Clara’s family but Amante refuses to. Since Mara is still in pasymina photoshoot and is one of the image models, Clara and her friends locked her up in a room so that she won’t be able to have her pose. Clara then tells Gary that she went to the hospital to see the Del Valle family and was insulted by them.