Charles J Stasinos age 37 From: Lee Hartmann stated that staff has identified two issues: A third building with associated parking was shown on that plan also but was not part of that petition as a special permit for gravel removal is needed for that portion of the site. The Petitioner shall be responsible for the clearing of any sand that accumulates on the heavy equipment route as a result of the excavation of material on a daily basis. The applicant has agreed to replace the proposed versa-loc wall with concrete wall faced with red brick or stone veneer. He felt that pervious pavers would have substantial less impact and cost than the extensive drainage system proposed. The buildings will have different dormer and eave treatments.

Tim Grandy moved to adjourn at 7: Lee Hartmann stated that this is a companion request for gravel removal to the approved site plan for Phases 1 and 2. Paul McAlduff asked if the proposed brick veneer wall that varies in height from 2. Flaherty stated that when it rains the water runs off the site, down the street to Water Street. Excavation of materials shall be allowed for a period of two 2 years from the start of excavation. No more than 5 acres of the entire sand and gravel operation, and associated earth removal activities, shall be exposed at any time.

The site will be serviced by Town water and sewer. Prior to the commencement of excavation of any subsequent areas the preceding five 5 acre operation the preceding five 5 acre llx shall be klc either temporarily or permanently. Planting required for stabilization shall occur no later than October 31 st of a calendar year. The Petitioner shall permanently stabilize any portions of the site that are not under construction after earth removal activities have ceased for a period of six 6 months.

The Board of Appeals may deny the request of the extension for any of the following reasons: A third office building with parking is being proposed for this site.


Upon completion of the two 2 year period, the applicant shall have sixty 60 days stasinow submit a written request to the Board of Appeals for an extension of the excavation period.

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All of this information is the representation of the management of the entities providing us this data. Charles J Stasinos age 92 Also known as: Robert Betters stated that the proposed project stzsinos the property at 25 Howland Street was presented to the Board conceptually at a previous meeting. All content provided is deemed to be in the public domain.

Marc Garrett announced that the advertisement for the RFP has been sent to the Central Register and will be published shortly.

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Tim Grandy moved for the Board to determine that Form A plan was entitled to endorsement; Paul McAlduff, second; the vote was unanimous The proposed 22 residential units are an allowed use in the Downtown Harbor zone. If your information is on one of our pages and you would like to opt-out from it being displayed, simply click Contact-Us and send us the page where your information is located. The structures will be located close to the street, accessed by an 18 ft.

This system should not be relied upon as definitively accurate.

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The applicant shall notify the Building Commissioner prior to the commencement of work. The Petitioner shall be responsible for the clearing of any sand that accumulates on the heavy equipment route as a result of the excavation of material on a daily basis.

The Petitioner shall provide temporary signs warning traffic of familyy entry for safety, as determined by the Police Ramily and will be approved by the Director of Inspectional Services, if needed. Flaherty replied that pervious pavers might not be feasible as the soil is sand and clay and previously had some coal tar removed.

Tim Grandy moved to adjourn at 7: The buffers have also increased. Internal sprinkling and fire alarm systems must be provided if required by the Fire Chief. A — Ellin L. An erosion control and stabilization plan, which addresses both wind and water erosion, shall be submitted for approval by the Building Commissioner.


Malcolm MacGregor, second; the vote was unanimous No excavation activities shall be permitted on holidays. The Building Commissioner or its duly authorized agent shall have access to the excavation site at all times in order to inspect the site to insure compliance with the approved site plan and conditions of this special permit. Home Depot Drive, Map 89, Lot Violations of any of the conditions of this special permit.

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Malcolm MacGregor asked if pervious pavers would be used within the site. It will define the edge of the sidewalk.

Fqmily Permit to waive side setback requirements in order to construct a two-story addition. An extensive drainage system will be installed in the rear of the site.

Additional planting consisting of shade trees have been added in four areas to Phase 1. Documented violation of agreed upon truck routes.

Charles Tr Stasinos age 92 Also known as: All stationary on-site mechanical equipment shall be placed as far away as possible from existing businesses and homes during its operation. A narrow landscaped area will be located in front of the fence along the rear of the property. If any or all of the above noted conditions are not adhered to, lcl Building Commissioner may cause all excavation work to cease until the problems identified are corrected.

Lighting details should be submitted. The Board determined that that the Following Form A plan was entitled to endorsement: