Jae-shin kindly adds an addendum to his catchphrase: After all everyone deals with things differently, as shown by the three coherent boys of our quartet. Something is not right with this picture either. And the YHa-JaeShin pairing’s my fav pairing! All in all, I’m just confused because you seem a tad belligerent and I don’t know if that was your intention or not – maybe it’was all the exclamation points and quotation marks. I do want to point out that just because Sunjoon doesn’t freak out outwardly doesn’t mean he doesn’t realize she is in mortal danger. Nope, turns out that it is no ordinary fragrance. Let me “correct” myself then:

I do wonder though if Jaeshin took Yongha’s words about fighting for the girl you love to heart. I’m afraid this series may end in her tragic death. Yoon-hee pleads for one more chance. The only thing he loose it is when he confuse about his feeling and jealous toward Yoon Hee and Jae Shin relationship in episode I think In-soo is too stuck in evil mode. Yoon-hee runs out, surprised at herself for her bold action and thrilled at the same time. I wonder if LSJ has any idea of Jaesin’s feelings because that night where it was just him and Yonhee on the room and Yoonhee mentioned that it seemed so silent that Jaesin was not there Someone who has been exposed to the wonders of scholarly thought, reduced to little more than livestock?

Jae-shin is here with them in spirit. And that fits in to a drama set in the Joseon period when homosexuality was considered unnatural – the idea of actually liking a man because they’re a man was unthinkable.

That book belongs to Yong-ha sahyung. Lee Dal Hyung Supporting Cast.

Test three is back to being oral. Do you want me to show you again or something?! Thank you again for your hard work!!!!!!


Recap: Sungkyunkwan Scandal Ep. 16 | Midnight Express

I can’t wait to actually see the kissing scene. Your email address will not be published. Seon-joon looks like he wants to crawl into a hole and die.

But it would be perfect if SJ at least mentioned his “suffering” to YH. But I’d be enraged if he had another angsty episode. And I believe he’s most likely feel so relieved that he is now allowed to love Yhee freely. He’s selfless in his episdoe for her. I admit, I’m no history expert and wouldn’t take on the responsibility of passing on knowledge that I don’t know.

Oh ho, smirks Yong-ha. Actually, maybe, JaeshinxYongha – Chosun doesn’t need a man to be awesome! You must be a registered user to use scndal IMDb rating plugin. I thought it was sort of rude of Sun-joon to not tie her top back up!

Episode 17

Lee Sungkynkwan Supporting Cast. In his heart of hearts, he knew KYHee would not let him continue to suffer if she knew full well what he was going through.

HP popped in my mind! Jun Tae Soo Supporting Cast. My God, you could hack at the sexual tension with epsode axe and not make any headway. With Jeremy it’s because he thinks like a kid, and with Sunjoon it’s because he deals with facts only kinda like kids do CP was my first kdrama tooand i ve watched like 4 times i think im gonna watch it agaun while waitting subgkyunkwan the next episodes.

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Jae-shin tries to butter his father up by pouring him wine zcandal the latter sees through his bluff and tells him to quit playing Hong Byuk Seo. Want a way to free herself from the Minister? Then, never mind that Epsiode and Guhro have both ended up inflicting wounds on each other directly or indirectly that can be source of bonding laterChosun has actually killed people rather ruthlessly. Meanwhile, Hyo-eun has sought Yong-ha out for some much needed advice.


Yoon-hee has trouble recalling the particulars of the text while Sun-joon shows some but less hesitation. Yoon-hee regains consciousness to find that her bosom feels a little — epiaode, exposed. Still as gentlemanly as ever, Sun-joon wpisode a divider with the leftover blanket, warning Yoon-hee not to cross over. He puts two and two together and orders him to be arrested I realize his father is the minister of war, but why does this schoolboy have so much power over the guards?

The homosexuality is no longer his main consideration at the creekside reveal. Im mentally bricking you. She was being facetious. I’m all for your idea jubilantia. And I think while it may have been a little excessive, there were two main reasons why it was believable: I have no idea how it got here! Yoon-hee decides to let him sweat a bit longer and pretends to be asleep.

Episodes by LollyPip. Ahh just finished that drama last night and then watched half of snow queen at 4 am just to catch the scenes with I’m sugnkyunkwan hwan. Start your free trial. Episdoe am so curious! Please, Drama Gods, let them make out now. Gong Yoo in anything is sexy.

What is wrong with the both of you?! Cue awkward silence as the King looks at him expectantly.