Then the good guys fight the bad guys, they win and have a picture-taking session. Now available for download at FlipReads! The bad guys in this version are an old witch, a bunch of zombies and a gang of evil mascots actually, they’re supposed to be man-sized living toys, one of which looks like a cardboard version of one of those mechanized creatures from Hellboy II. So she raises an army to do her bidding, until the demons requested to kill her husband’s descendants. In this version, the Golden Bibe “Golden Duck” is now a gay fallen angel John Lapus who must earn his way back to Heaven by turning country girl Inday Marian Rivera into a superheroine. Don’t have an account? Vitto Learns to Spell – Vitto: Speaking of sequels, I hate it when a movie announces “watch out for part 2” at the end.

Can you spell my name? He puts up more of a fight, until he practically lets the heroes stab him to death in the end. I really like the character and have always thought of it as one of the A remake of the movie of the same name which starred Maricel Soriano and Aiza Seguerra in the title roles. Movie Info A fallen angel John Lapus and a demon child join forces to give a housemaid Marian Rivera superpowers in hopes of earning themselves a ticket to heaven should she be able to destroy the city’s enemies. The film’s marketing made it a point to keep the “mystery” villain’s identity a secret– despite the fact that it’s bloody obvious who it is.

No drama, just “Zap! The production values keep improving with each of his movies, and I’m looking forward to what he comes up with next Panday 2 is reportedly in the works.

John Lapus and Pokwang. Buboy Villar appears to be Marian’s official sidekick, and there’s a reason for that. Already have an account? Few supfr later, Goldy and the tiyanak later named Angelika got their ticket to ascend to heaven, when a crab monster with a human overlord appears in a pond. It’s also funny that those ads are proudly announcing that the Cinema Evaluation Board graded them a “B.

Marian Rivera is a damn good actress. The alliance is an uneasy one, as Ful gets jealous when he thinks Agimat is flirting with his fairy wife Faye Gwen Zamorawhile the solitary Agimat is envious of Enteng’s family. Certified Blockbuster or Complete Bust? Critics Review the 91st Academy Awards Telecast.


The tiyanak carries her burial casket along and movis disappeared just as the bus stops at Manila. Sam Pinto is hot. I literally walked out of the theater with my head hanging low in shame.

While I did say this film is almost critic-proof, I’ll whine a bit about it anyway. The romantic angle isn’t really developed well; she’s the love interest simply because the film says she is.

If you’ve seen any of the previous Enteng Kabisote movies, you pretty much know what to expect.

Super Inday and the Golden Bibe – Wikipedia

She plays an amazon with a stalker -like fixation on Agimat. The remake does have a giant creature show up at the end, but it’s too little too late. In commemoration of the late, great Mars Ravelo’s birthday just one day after mine! I guess it comes moie being isa mxricel psychology. Then the good guys fight the bad guys, they win and have a picture-taking session.

The Kids Are Alright. She and Jay tries to investigate,until they found Kokang,under the spell. The bad guys don’t have much of a master plan other than “Let’s resurrect all our minions, then kill our enemies,” and of course they never really mariicel good on the latter part. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Three short stories featuring the A typical issue featured a pa Sure, they may not be quite as spectacular as those in Hollywood productions, but they now look much more seamless and pleasing to the eye, and that’s all I could ask for.

Gwen Zamora feels like a generic leading lady. Heartbroken,she sets off to find clues of what her real mother looks like,until she found her in a market. And she needs more skriano achieve immortality and eternal youth. Goldy,desperately decided that she can inherit his powers and she needs only to meet his conditions and criteria.

As the blog description puts it, this site covers Filipino comic book heroes from the ‘s, the 90’s and beyond, and this is wher The end fight is rull a monster goon who just shows up out of nowhere.


Super Inday and the Golden Bibe

She kinda looks like a pink She-Ra. Can you spell my name? They can make any line, no matter how corny, sound hilarious. The villains then try to take advantage of this to turn the two heroes against each other.

She doesn’t seem to have the same presence as the previous Fayes. There are no real surprises in the film.

Well, I have, and here are my reviews. The action isn’t that bad, I just wish they were a little more, I don’t know– clever? Sam seems to have some potential as an actress, but her diction gets in the way. She tried to transform into Super Inday,but Kokang ate the real one,transforming her into Copycat. As the demonic army tried to abduct the kids,Inday syper Goldy’s help maricfl, repels the attackers,but was framed and fired by the woman for her actions.

Then they’d just look stupid. An online compendium of Filipino comic book heroes from the 80’s, 90’s and beyond.

Now granted, that movie’s special effects were too flimsy to effectively realize them, but the idea at least sounds imaginative on paper. He puts up more of a fight, until he practically lets the heroes stab him to death in the end. Not to be confused with the Robert Rodriguez filmthis Machete has long been famous in the Philippines through comics, but most especial So yes, I won’t be blogging here anymore but no, I won’t stop blogging for good.

She goes to the house, just as her mother reveals the painful truth, that she was just adopted by her after her real mother abandoned her in the woman’s possession and that her real parents are on Manila and dies after that. There are these 2 other Metro Manila Film Festival e About Me View my complete profile.

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