Canada France South Korea. Strange occurrences happen in the museum during the spies field trip. When the kids come late home, Trudy sees them and touches a serum that makes her a spy-sassin. Megan and Marc go to the Chauncy’s house, where they and the Chauncy are dragged by the plants and dragged in plant vases, the plants were the head of the attacks, they get out of there and plan to defeat them. Brathwaite and the Granny. This villain also appeared in the first two seasons of Totally Spies!

So will the Oscars still rock you? Use the HTML below. Stony Falcon [Renamed ‘Snowy’ Falcon] 2. This episode is very similar to the “Attack of 50 Ft. Megan 52 episodes, Views Read Edit View history.

In the ranch, the four Spiez finally meet the original Spies: The Spiez find themselves woohped by Jerry who tells them that he will retire leaving his younger clone, Jerry 2.

When strange weather patterns cause an overall rise in global temperature, the Spiez investigate. Brathwaite and the Granny. Someone uses a ray gun to change hi-tech modern things into ancient low-tech things. In the B-story Lee stops being a father-like brother, and Tony chooses to be a waterboy when he did not make it on any team. Total Drama All Stars — She brags about being a great actress.

They hurry to their hometown to finish destroying the dinosaurs and defeating the anthropologist just in time to get home before their parents arrive. Megan 52 episodes, Julie Lemieux Sherry first appeared in Mission No. Episode Screenshots Season 2, Episode No Pal in Principal” [2]. Plus when Sam, Alex, and Clover are briefed about granny, Alex says she should call her own Granny just as Tony said that they should visit their Granny.


All recent searches will be deleted. Tami gets mutated, gaining wide hips and a massive butt. The Spiez investigate and Lee gets sucked in the whirlpool. In the B-story Megan wants to impress a guy, but Tami wants to impress him too. Use a connected account. In the B-story, Lee has to sell juice to get a new basketball uniform not knowing he is secretly selling Mel’s juice. With a unique comic book style, The Amazing Spiez!

The Spiez return to Brathwaite’s house to overhear that she has made Granny young again.

Feeling left out, she hacks into the open case files at WOOHP and finds a case to solve, trying to prove she is just as good as the boys. Their babysitter, Malinda, is really an ex-Woohp spy in disguise, and is the one who is kidnapping the agents.

The Amazing Spiez

The sibling Spiez attempt to capture a villain with no teamwork. The spies are sent to investigate and therefore discover that an anthologist acting like a caveman who plans to return the world into the dinosaur age. Megan is attacked by a Tami Doll, but her brothers refuse to believe her until they find out that the stolen microchip was in the doll. Lee 53 episodes, The landing crash pad chair gets replaced by a pink bean bag chair.


List of The Amazing Spiez! episodes – Wikipedia

Create Account Forgot Password. So will the Oscars still rock you? They go to a place where a man was abducted by a tractor. They try fhe save him, but Lee and Tony are abducted in the process. Prehistoric creatures come xpiez. MEGAN 12 years is an optimistic, high-energy girl who has been hanging out with her brothers forever. But soon, the older spies disappear and the Spiez rescue them together, despite their quarreling. Sherry Lewis 2 Absent: Vincent Chalvon-DemersayDavid Michel.

Add the first question. He turns her into a chameleon so they can work together in destroying spy organizations. The Spiez get trapped in an erupting volcanobut escape.

The Spiez investigate and travel to a tropical island where they meet with Stony Falcon, who has changed from skateboarding to snowboarding. The Spiez’s mom is kidnapped by the Chameleon Leon.

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