He said he wouldn’t censor that because ‘it was too funny’. Thank you for your time! He often plays spirited games against other advanced Minecraft players in a group called Team Crafted. He tells a lot of homes, and plays Minecraft. While you may think you want your surgeon reading up on the latest medical research instead of playing games, you might want to reconsider: My kids love that channel! There were only profanity in Stampy’s older videos and nowadays, most or even all of them should be private videos meaning that your children shouldn’t be able to watch them. He is 9yrs old with his own youtube channel.

He doesn’t swear and i prefer to suggest BajanCanadian more than Stampy. Phin is really good! Some research points to attention difficulties as being a key component of dyslexia. Please visit for more information: Sex in the Media. Check it out here I think Thinknoodles should be on this list, he is a family friendly channel and he uploads every day.

Now he is only allowed to go on kid websites and I check his cache every day. I am so appreciative of their efforts in the past to know their audience. Hi, take a look at this one, live streaming app for iphone -https: Logdotzip is the best! Hard-core gamers Cody theCodyMaverick and Joe JoeBuzz manage to make their Let’s Plays, mods, mini-games, and more both kid-friendly and xims advanced.

Just watch this video: My kids age 6 and 9 watch Stampy and Dan TDM a lot, but they’ve also started watching a guy called Frithgar who sjms minecraft videos.

Kids might also like this channel. Jason Probst hosts this popular channel that’s jam-packed with adventure maps, parkour maps, mini-games, and even original electronic songs available for download. Parenting, Media, and Smis In Between. The guys also host servers and offer downloads on their website.


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There were only profanity minecxrt Stampy’s older videos and nowadays, most or even all of them should be private videos meaning that your children shouldn’t be able to watch them. I minecadt all parents should check out their wesbite. Thank you for your time! I I do agree that it is disgusting that they only picked bigger YouTubers, even if they are not necessarily child oriented. Again, thanks for the article! He plays a lot of games like “Turbo Dismount” which are about characters getting crushed and dismembered.

I couldn’t believe it. His latest video was nothing Game or Minecraft related. Thanks, Christina Gossett smartappsforkids.

The rise of multi-player experiences online has given way to a new form of socializing in which players work together to solve problems. I honestly like popularmmos, but they use the Lord’s name in vain too much. That adds an extra dimension of fun to his videos.

I took his channel off the subscription list. I find that integrity is more important than search rankings and popularity so making sure my content is child sms doesn’t stop at the video, I also moderate all media channels accessible on my channel.

But time for a switch. Please do not forget Ant Venom or Caveman films. Just don’t let your kid’s watch stampy’s older videos. You guys should re-think having him on this list. My 8 year old son and I have created a kid-friendly website that showcases safe minecraft videos!

Another really hhe site with a whole bunch of kid-friendly videos is MinecraftWiz.

They know all about them. While I was searching for channels that are completely clean I came across this one: Check it out here I watched a lot of their videos and they were clean, my simd brother was fine with their videos and I even monitor him sometimes. I don’t have the link but I think you can find it if you search for B Jaws.



Ihascupquake does swear in some videos. I have a youtube channel youtube.

I would recommend them to girls and boys. DanTDM must be taken off this list. My kids love Aphmau.

20 Best DanTDM Pictures ♡☆ images | The diamond minecart, Dan tdm hair, Minecraft stuff

But there’s plenty to explore to help fan the flames of this mostly worthwhile pursuit. We have banned these videos in our house. I don’t think you should block him completely. It’s pretty fun to watch thats what he says.

I was just watching one of his non-minecraft videos that my 7 year old son likes to watch and one of CS’s guest players said the f-word. Who knows, maybe one day her channel will peisode this list! Another in Venturiantale they are a christian group of 2 brothers and 2 sisters who make there channel on playing no foul games and not using ANY foul language.

If your kid spends as much time watching Minecraft videos as playing the game, here’s a guide to the best YouTube Minecraft channels for kids.