I am so frustrating because I have a few movies that I can not mux subtitles onto therefore I cannot convert them to dvd and watch them. Secondly, how do I name a few different subtitle languages in the same name? These are the worse subtitles ever, what do you just put the originals in google translate? Oh never mind i just played in a dvd player and i can select the other english subtitle track. While the movie file is open or even running press Alt-O to show a pop up window where you can select the subtitles file you wish to be run along with your movie. The Pianist Hebrew subtitles. If the video is movie,avi , your subtitle should be movie.

Just search for subtitles and then download to the movie file. It solved a problem which always panicked me. Thank you so much in advance for the help, I really appreciate it! Other popular speeds are We somehow manage to not have issues. Try this simple guide on how to watch movie with subtitle, very easy to understand and to use with MPC http: How can I do this? The movies is given by fps frame pr.

All the srt file mentioned here is with …x srt and my problem is that which one to download. After his Oscar win, I viewed this movie with more criticism than I normally would have and he certainly did not disappoint.

What can i do? Its AVI file but only single file. I dont know much about these things…can anyone help me??

Normally, when a film ends, the regular hardcore filmsters like myself will stay and watch the credits in their entirety. I think many people have touched on this before but what makes this film sbutitles amazing and well crafted is because Spielzman is a man that we can all relate to. I have 2 sub files but only 1 movie file. My divxplayer will recognize the srt with the same name as the movie.


How do you get foreign subtitles to play?

Subdl : Subtitle for the pianist

Download MKVtoolnix, its easy to use, you can greei multiple subtiltes, audios, merge or split files. The Pianist-cd1 Croatian subtitles. I see them speaking, an about 5seconds later, the subtitles come.

Der Pianist p HD moviesbyrizzo Polish subtitles. The second cd though with the second srt well it was way off.

Subtitles For The Pianist

You are not in able to read the words,they are strange and funny: I one time had an audition in high school like this to see if I could improvise, and the way I imagined this feeling is like in dodgeball where you have no one greke on subtutles team and you’re the only one left standing, yet on the other team there is 20 big men that are fzg waiting to wack that ball at you.

The Pianist Japanese subtitles. A mention must be made of Brody’s performance. Der Pianist p HD moviesbyrizzo Danish subtitles.

This is one of the best films I have ever seen and what it did to me I cannot describe in words. The Pianist Slovenian subtitles. Just have to figure how to get both onto a dvd now.

How to watch movies with subtitles?

My LG tv plays. Worse, every site that deals with the topic only provides a fractional explanation. Extract your downloaded subs file with Alzip,came out as a. I watched video above and did what was instructed but what happens is that movie is blank upon play back no sound, no picture. I want to use arabic subtitiles when I played the movie, the characters are showing in arabic but each one is seen alone are not attached to each other is there any way to fix it?


I did not know that SRT files are not supposed or guaranteed to work with.

I have a 0. You only have to visually synch the very first line of dialogue with its corresponding subtitle line and do the same subhitles the final dialogue and sub lines. I add greek subs at my movies and I can play them perfect at my Mac but when I try to play the movies at my media player WD TVLive the subs appear not readable. Start with the basic stuff, please. Its a driffrent thing what they say and what the subs yhe. Does anyone else have this problem?

Other popular speeds are greeek The Pianist Brrip Indonesian subtitles. He transcended my expectations. After this, I was then able to rename the subtitle file. Nu wil ik er Nederlandse ondertiteling bij. Der Pianist p HD moviesbyrizzo Italian subtitles. Sometimes when I put a downloaded subtitle file i the movie folder and start the movie, it appears with a green line diagonal to the screen.

I already have sub workshop but cant figure it out yet. Der Pianist p HD moviesbyrizzo Greek subtitles. I am not aware, if on xbox is possible watch movie with text subtitles. This man portrayed the total feeling of hopelessness, subtitels alone, being hated.

The pianist is more than often a drifting character, almost a witness of other people’s and his own horrors. Some of them work no problem. Make sure you have latest version, movie.