Streaming movies from Netflix to your TiVo is nothing new, in fact TiVo was only second only to the Xbox in adding the feature over three years ago. Control live or recorded TV with pause, rewind 3 speeds , fast-forward 3 speeds , slow-mo and instant replay. The other big difference here is the inclusion of MoCA. Retrieved August 29, The Series4 TiVo Premiere was officially unveiled on March 2, , [21] and was released to the public on March 28, The app allows customers to manage their TiVos from their iPad. Multi-room viewing and transferring programs to and from a PC is allowed.

The Roamio DVRs all sport a handful of upgrades over the Premiere models, and on the surface look very attractive. Set up with the multi-stream cable card went flawlessly. Like the full guide, the skip buttons make it easy to quickly jump to a different time in the future and channel up and down still works as page up and down. Series models, now have limited support but are no longer distributed for North American markets. This can be especially annoying if the feed keeps switching back and forth between two resolutions while it deals with less-than-consistent internet throughput. Tivo website pretty bad, but iPhone app is very good.

TiVo digital video recorders

Launching any TiVo app takes more time than we’d like and the buttons on the remote don’t behave the same as they do anywhere else. If you happen to have a provider like FiOS TV that uses MoCA as part of its harcware, then it’s even better because you can just connect the coax to the back of the XL4 and you’re done.

It will function exactly as the company’s last boxes did, but add streaming Netflix, Blockbuster Demand, YouTube and Amazon Video on Demand to the mix. THX certified, Tigo 5. End of Life FAQ”. Post a quick review now to join the conversation! It is also compatible with Stream for users who need to support more clients or faster downloading. TiVO service fee and interface.


From around the web. As we pointed out in the original Premiere review, the standard remote is pretty cheesy.

TiVo Premiere XL4 review

Finally, the regular Roamio has one curious advantage all the others lack. Hardware There are many similarities between the standard TiVo Tigo and the XL4, with the primary difference being the number of tuners. Speaking of launching the app, it takes about 40 seconds, which seems like a lifetime if you accidentally hit the TiVo, Guide or Live TV button on the remote and just want to find your way back to what hrdware were watching.

TiVo Premiere Elite Reviews. We don’t care that secs isn’t new, per se, the problem is it isn’t like the TiVo experience we’ve grown to love. Also new since our original Premiere review is the info bar at the top that comes up when you change the channel or hit the info button. Retrieved October 9, First, if your main priority is streaming your recordings around the haardware and, once the software update comes out, outside the home and setting up a multi-room DVR system, you’re covered with all five models.

The cable HD box only provided 25 hours of HD recording and 2 channel recording.

Networking is easier on the Roamio models, because they all feature built-in Wi-Fi and don’t require an adapter. My most notable negative issue is the often slow response when navigating through some of the menu screens.

Downloading is at up to 4x the display rate; view-while-download is also possible. Retrieved December 7, Records up to hours of HD programming.


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Overall, I am satisfied with the performance of this unit, and I would not hesitate to recommend it. The Bolt was made available for sale on September 30, The follow-up Series3 models had an option of using either one Multi-Stream card or two single stream cards.

The new user interface is meant to seamlessly integrate features such as RhapsodyNetflixAmazonBlockbusterHuluand YouTube video, and make development of such applications easier through use of Adobe Stagecraft Flash Lite 3. Switched Digital Video SDVa technology which allows cable providers to only send the channel streams being watched instead of the entire channel lineup in order to better manage bandwidth, requires a USB attachment to a separate tuning adapter available from the cable providers.

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All that being said, TiVo is leaving the market wide open for its competitors — although that has been true for years.

Mini model [38]. Netflix, Youtube and other streaming Streaming movies from Netflix to your TiVo is nothing new, in fact TiVo was only second only to the Xbox in adding the feature over three years ago.