Funny episode, I liked the presidential switch the most. Something got me about this episode, I think it was the part when they were on the stairs leading upwards outside, right about when Toma came into contact with the other mages. Shana-tan, yes we can, index watching private channel.. As for the rest of the episode, Index looked nice. But I wonder who she is now? So for it’s second half Index can be considered as a Thursday show but Eclipse said, they won’t release with AT-X raws, so subs won’t come earlier than sunday.

If both theories are false then I guess the “barrier” you mentioned might be the case. I skimmed through them pretty quickly. Why the hell are you guys watching AoShen suddenly? Well, true, we’ve barely seen her at all since her arc. Funny episode, I liked the presidential switch the most. Not to mention the comedy of this episode is part of the mystery.

I wonder if it’s his dad or his mom who casted this major spell.

veoh – Episode avi

As for the rest of the episode, Index looked nice. He looks normal enough to me. Especially manly Index in But I wonder who she is now? The first few episodes were great and I used to rank this series an 8, but it’s already gotten down to a 6 with this episode.

Once i had figured that out I went back and rewatched episode 15 and I noticed that the episoed actually introduces himself as “Maika Tsuchimikado” which is the little sisters name, but Kanzaki goes on to say how odd it is that anyone could recognize her, since she currently looks like her brother. I’m gonna be honest, I thought this was a dream sequence for sure.


I was like WTF. Woops, look like I failed. This series is also just going backwards in my opinion. Putting Moe on computer screens since This episode was very strange, but funny.

Also, this episode was really strange. I caught that as soon as I saw Or has more been produced already but it’s only up to the Accelerator part which has been translated? More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: The weird explanation of the situation during the second part of the episode was just confusing and boring imo. As for why Stiyl the Innocentius magician is affected I thinking of 2 possibilities: Toma just doesnt realize it yet.

To Aru Majutsu no Index Episode 15 Discussion

BBCode Modified by atruong18, Jan 18, 2: Nah, they just released it. Who is conspicuously missing from this episode. Well, true, we’ve barely seen her at all since her arc. BTW, it’s the ‘dad. Why can’t Touma change everyone back by touching them? The Moefication of Anime Intellectual Gushing: What got me right away was- how did he know who “Tsuchimikado” is?


And the plot progressed too.

I wonder what the translator was thinking at that part. Mars of Destruction April Fools’ Special. I got the [AoShen] sub and it’s what Im used to but no matter where I play it from, the video is rather laggy but the sound runs perfectly.

I skimmed through them vroh quickly. Hope the next one is more exciting! I’m saying that Touma’s dad is involved in this and what happen to Himegami? The “Yes We Can! This was a weird ep, I didn’t really find it funny.

I don’t even know what I saw for that whole 20 or so minutes. Toaru Majutsu no Index. I just want to know, I’ve had a look at the latest chapter of the manga and Touma mauutsu finished beating up Accelerator I was ROFL when touma started yelling at his “mom”and “sister” that was soo laughable xD i started laughing when i saw this thing.

Looks like they were just a little behind schedule.

It has not gotten much attention