I do agree there’s a great group most of the time, though. Or would they be an issue if it wasn’t for all the Knights in Section Six? I’m aware the game version is completely unnecessary, but I think it’s a valid point of dscussion regardless. But I am wondering of you have any sort of view on what I said on this paragraph though: Of course, all of this is of trivial importance compared to the REAL question that all Nanoha fans are itching to know the answer to: Am I that bored? Wonder how they managed to remove the characters from some shots, though.

I guess I’m not contributing that much to the current discussion, am I? Of course, there’s no guarantee the writer even considered the affect her past experience would have on her personality, either. I’m planning on catching up on Minami-ke since I actually enjoyed it but couldn’t keep everything up during NaNo. Not to say I don’t like thinking about it from time to time, but I generally prefer to let the author tell how it is. Easier to find subs. Heck, Belldandy’s hair changed colour as well, it was originally blue wasn’t it? What anime is your avi from?

I mean, yeah, it happens, depending on if the player triggers certain flags and all. They have manly spirit in their hearts and they cry manly tears. Where there is no imagination there is no horror. Were the animators treating her bust size as a running joke or something? He is, after all, just a kid. In generally I prefer subbed versions unless the dub is really good Cowboy Bebopalthough the new 22 inch LCD has made me reconsider a bit.

Not that Dragonaut seemed all that great, but the oversized busts really bothered me.

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That’s so much material and so much time for readers to become acquainted and attached with the characters. Felt cheated by the timeskip a little bit but it should serve to make the ensuing xanatos gambits more believable with a month of planning, I thought V.

I’ve occassionally liked shows of this type such as Shuffle! Louise is still scary. I think you’d really be quite hard pressed to find anyone who favors her original as in, debut appearance over her current appearance. I’m too lazy when episdoe comes to anime watching during the school year: In fact, I suspect Gainax spent a scary amount of money on the finale. Also tossing up Chihiro and Megumi into the ‘hot hot hot’ list.


The older stuff in the series can seem a bit lacking in comparison I’m a very recent fan of the series.

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I put all this stuff in my bookshelf, so it shares the space with some pretty unrelated stuff that I also like Wallace and Gromit plushiesmusic CDs, etc. It’s a very entertaining anime despite it being based off of an old video game. If that was a pop culture reference itself, then no, I don’t know to what you’re referring. I wanted to touch one. Finally an anime almost exclusively about my two favorite things, heavy metal and rape.

Like anime fans haven’t been pondering that sort of thing since the dawn of time. Supposedly his personality resembles Bell’s a lot.

It’s still a pretty cute show, but I can’t have Notogasms, so I’m somewhat irritated by Haruka herself. Just fast enough to feel like a nerd without much feeling of accomplishment for it.

I’m too lazy to go read about it. For example, that the fact Mai feels isolated is more important than the fact that her isolation is what causes her to act the way she does. But Izumida doesn’t do too bad either. Poorly drawn fan service oinari-sana be a real turn off.

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I find it amusing that she doesn’t realize a lot of them are H game desktops, but that’s getting a bit off topic. I especially like watching shows veho my brother because we have the same sense of humor, so he makes shows even funnier. This pretty much confirms that he has the Code. I really like how Treize doesn’t sound so young boy-ish-y.

Also, I’m wondering if perhaps this time around we’ll see quite a few baddies that don’t turn good in the end. It’s really over now, isn’t it? And if so, who would you recommend getting rid of? Whether that makes it better is a point of debate. It would have been interesting to know what would have happened had she still been given the choice back then -would she still have agreed with the examiner’s reasoning and passed on getting a First Class license as she did when she was actually given a chance to take the exam years later and passed it, or would she still be too caught up in her goal of becoming a First Class Goddess to give up on it, even if she knew the Examiner had a point?


After watching the series this far I have this to say this: True, Lutecia will probably turn good, and I think it’s pretty likely that we’ll see Signum do a unison with that intelligent device, since Zest suggested they’d be a good match, but still It’s both odd and really entertaining as well.

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Took me about seconds. Anime series especially the harem variety come and go frequently with each season, but AMG has remained serialized the entire time. I think part oinnari-sama my problem was a lack of judgement as to what shows would be worth keeping up with long term.

I guess I should also throw the fall season out there as a topic of discussion. In contrast, Gurren Lagann was executed almost perfectly. Utawarerumono belongs on that list too. Urd could be distant with people and probaly to many people she isbut her sisters and close friends like K1 or Peorth are those she is definitely close with.

I don’t find Shana or Haruka moe, but that reference was still cute. Actually, there is the occasional episod shot here and there but so long as it wagsya progress into fullblown mosaic territory it’s allllllllllright.

One thing that I’ve wondered about is whether Urd should be considered a very kind person or not.