And how blessed are we to have him. However, recent movies have shown more interest in depicting how families from different social and cultural backgrounds manage in Korean society, Your eyes, facial expression, body language and your voice captivate the viewers. The blockbusters battled it out this weekend but the kids had their say to with a spew of foreign films catching their fancy, What an amazing, wonderful, beautiful person he is. Read and leave comments. Sorry, this content is not licensed for your region. Log in with Email.

She has been offered the female leading role for ‘ A Melody to Remember ‘ and is wrapping up the last stage to conclude the offer. Email required Address never made public. The movie has been released in S. When he is on I can watch his scene again and again. Movie, TV, Entertainment and Refinement are announced by category. I can even die as an actor”. Maybe because nobody recorded and uploaded this episode.

Several movies were released in The Punch You Team.

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I feel the four of us are going to go a long way like this”. Hello there Yoo Ah In. With its excellent screenplay and captivating acting performances, “Punch” is a truly character-driven story that paints a silver lining around its characters’ misfortunes as they discover the impact others can have on their own lives, Young and fresh actors in their 20s are shaking up Chungmuro with their feisty spirit, More Winter dramas coming soon!


According to the Korean Film Council, ” Spellbound ” gathered 78, admissions as of December 7th and stood tall in first.

But Song Kang-ho and Jeon Do-yeon were chosen as the best — as opposed to most popular — actor and actress, with 18 and Tom Cruise’s latest film has blasted its way into number nine of the highest wub films in Korea for with a total of 3, admissions. View all 87 pictures for “Punch”. The wandeugu number of admissions as of today November 9th is 58, showing very slow progress, What an impression Ah In made on me!

Park Hyo Joo Supporting Cast. This is the latest film in the “Mission Impossible” series and it opened in Korea with a bang, standing head and shoulders above all with 1, admissions, The movie will be screened in the “My Generation” section of the 62nd festival for featuring movies for younger children and teens, CJ Entertainment and Media Co.

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Sign upWhy? Lee’s drama hasto Shawn Levy’s , seeing it jump from five to first.

Murro’s hyper-stylised retelling of the Battle sug Salamis now sits on an admissions stack 1. But can they help each other through even more challenges that lay ahead?

Watch Wandeugi (Punch) with English subtitles

In a dark and crowded apartment, I took up the chance to watch an unknown Korean horror titled ” Red Wahch “, and that marked my first step towards becoming a true Korean cinephile, The movie has been released in S. Do you know if there is a wanxeugi I can purchase either through downloading or a CD? And how blessed are we to have him.


A man searches for his wife but eventually takes comfort in another woman’s arms, only to have his dearly beloved suddenly return. The show is truly a masterpiece and a breakthrough for Korean TV seriesand deserves more attention from international audience as well. Repeated rule breaking will result in warnings followed by blacklisting upon non-compliance.

Punch (Film)

Lee was attending medical school in the Philippines at the time. Impossible – Ghost Protocol” has stolen the show. Tom Cruise’s latest has silenced any doubts about the series becoming stale as his efforts here have been well received and continue to captivate eeng. This week I wanted to take a look at the top domestic films of and see just what type of films captured the public’s interest inNotify me of new comments via email.

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