One small boy points and asks his mother if they can buy those; the mother’s face is priceless. It was beyond amazing! This is, I feel, a must read for anyone about to go to their first con, is thinking about going to one, or someone who has gone to one or more and wants to nostalgically relive it. Even though she didn’t know about his past, it’s common sense, woman! Dramacon , nearly a decade old and still grips me and making me laugh with every page, always worth another reread. I really enjoyed this one.

The second volume reached the 8th spot in Bookscan ‘s Top 10 [12] and reached the 89th spot on the list of the top best-selling graphic novels with 1, copies sold. I love where the ending left off and I cannot wait to read the last volume where hopefully everything will end “happily ever after”. Matt is ever dashing and I love how insecure Christie makes him without even trying. This is, to this day, one of the only mangas I adore. Very nostalgic for me, very teenagery, pretty sweet. I think it has to do with my love for conventions and other people’s drama which go hand-in-hand. Funny how on first reading way back when I thought Christie was an awful boring character that was just there to move the story when in actual fact I see now she is the story and the whole thing is her life moving on with her experiences. I’m not gonna lie, things got really complicated between these two.

Around her, he is different, better and his sister instantly tries to push them together. I thought, “What if this was a manga?

I love how the main character matured but she’s still a teenager, and she dranacon I am fangirling this book Want to Read saving….

A great follow up volume and I cannot wait to see what the free Con holds for Christie and Matt’s relationship. It’s a very cute and funny story but it doesn’t skimp on the bad and ugly of the anime con world as well as some of the other things the characters are facing in their lives.


But, that’s likely only because I just didn’t read it during the most perfect time in my life to read onlind, like I did with the first volume. May 18, Hannah rated it it was amazing. He is an old hand at cons and acts as a sort of guide – though not without leaving a few scars from cutting comments. On Matt’s Girlfriend, Emily. Not as much funny moments as the first volume, but it was alright–hilarious anyway. I really liked the side characters, for the most part.

Yet she comes back for more. I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to read the last volume next. I’ve learned to be more trusting of my friend now. A year later, Christie returns to the convention with Bethany, a new artist.

But this one I was not fond of. One of my favorites!! Will Christie be able to show Matt her true feelings, and how can he have a girlfriend? Retrieved 29 November I think part of me is blinded due to familiarity dramadon it won’t strike such a powerful chord with anyone else who’s not been in the Anime cons or cons ove I never expected to like so much something both so simple and american-made.

This was all still very true to life while still being funny and crazy. For those thinking that the manga purist scene was unrealistic, I have seen this happen, and they don’t censor themselves, believe me.

Dramacon 3 cover – The Beat

I loved the little omakes and the other extras added to this edition. Of course, all her feelings are still there and they come back as strong as ever as soon as she enters the convention. It’s hard to explain how much I love this series without sounding ridiculous. Other books in the series. Nov 22, Heather rated it it was amazing. Over the course of three novels, Christie meets Matt; experiences her first con and comes back for more; deals with all the hardships and joys of being a dreamy eyed young person; and deals further with pain, loss, cosplay, new friends, love, and growing up.


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Lida Zeff helps the two girls with advice for Bethany about living in a manga publishing world. When Christie chases after him, Matt tells her to “piss off”. Retrieved from ” https: Emily didn’t seem to have a point in book 3 and the main couple never seemed fully together. Refresh and try again.

So I knew a bit what to expect from a book set in an Anime con I found myself rooting for Christie every step of the way, from when she first stepped into the convention all nerves and excitement at her first con up until the very end as a seasoned convention-goer, and overall having grown up a bit.

It just can be harder to find among all those super-nice people. Dec 18, Jenny Clark rated it really liked it Shelves: Mar 31, Whatchyareading added it Shelves: And I love Christie’s new artist, Beth!

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Even though I have listed the heavier of the drama portrayed in Dramacon, the name really does give it away but for the most part the manga keeps the drama to a light-hearted degree with silly antics, good laughs and even a flasher cosplay is not consent?

She just has an insensitive-streak to her.

ReRead: Dramacon

This time she presents a brand-new artist, Beth, and a fairly successful web-comics. Die Charaktere wachsen einem sofort ans Herz. I know just In this volume, I am happy that the main character dumped the arrogant jerk who tried to rape her, draamcon got a new artist for her manga.