In many countries—especially in the period since —theatre for young audiences has developed significantly. Never the same person. He was banished by the Caliph of Cordoba Spain for following philosophy instead of Islam. These activities, because of their spiritual connotations, however much they may resemble 33 DA N C E dancing, cannot be considered as dance because dance per se never forms part of religious rites in Islamic contexts. Upon her return she took up writing for the stage. These traditions will, no doubt, continue as long as they are relevant to audiences. In cases where the answers come down firmly on the side of music or dance, we have proposed not including the material in WECT since it might more appropriately be included in a music or dance encyclopedia.

On the other hand, it is true that in many parts of Africa, the Arabic language is now spoken by millions. She later married a journalist who helped and encouraged her to get an education and got her interested as well in Marxism and left-wing ideology. By the end of the nineteenth century, audiences had obviously completely accepted women on stage as a necessary part of the new trend toward realism. Further complicating research in an Islamic context is the fact that domestic versions of solo improvised dance occur in more private circumstances. It should also be made clear here that WECT is not intended as a guide to individuals, companies, festivals or forms. Syracuse University Press,

That happened especially in the s in Egypt and Sudan, which in many warch and social hayatj had begun to follow Soviet models. First, the Cairo Opera House was closed down as part of a state economy drive, thus denying plays written in Fusha the continuing prestige and glamour of production. Representing another part of the Arab world is Hanan al-Shaykh, who left Lebanon for London in the s as a refugee of the civil war. Their pirates dominated the Mediterranean, bringing great riches to the nation.

Again, the key is that like all social activities in an Islamic context, dance performances must occur only within proper, permitted social environments.

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But always an Arab. Before her untimely death from cancer, Jad wrote three other screenplays and two television scripts. What then is the Arab world? Sehaila is the main drama critic of alAhram Weekly and is an accomplished literary critic, with many books and translations to her credit.

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On the other hand, the image of belly-dancers as fallen women again 8 abounds in these films see Franken She attended and organized fourteen international conferences and visited Syria, Lebanon and Palestine to meet with other leaders of the feminist movements in these Arab states. By the time this work is concluded, it will have taken almost fifteen years. Ministry of Culture, Also known as the Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria, and part of the Grand Maghreb, it is bordered on the north by the Mediterranean Sea, on the south by Niger, Mali and Mauritania, on the east by Tunisia and Libya, and on the west by Morocco.


A muezzin, in long and melodious verses, was inviting Muslims in the neighbourhood to pray. In the first five Egyptian college-educated women graduated from Cairo University, an event that was celebrated by both that institution and the Egyptian Feminist Union. It was the Egyptian commercial groups that were the first in the region to tour and to bring in women. In some cases writers have focused exclusively on the line where the forms connect—often in multimedia experiments; in other cases they have written about more traditional opera and important dance or music groups.

Except for a small minority of individuals who have adopted western viewpoints and lifestyles, such as may be found among certain classes in large cosmopolitan cities such as Cairo, Casablanca or Beirut, the vast majority in the Arab world follow these traditions in maintaining the separation between men and women in their social interactions, including dance performances. Breaking into the field of magazine writing was certainly difficult for men then, so you can imagine how it was for women.

However, when Layla became a smash hit, she again became a darling of the media.

Boyd, Andrew and Patrick van Rensburg. A few examples of careers will illustrate this point. As Edward Said and others pointed out, images of the unbridled sexual east have long been publicized in the writings of well-known literati such as Flaubert, whose intimate encounters with a professional public dancer Kuchek Khanom which he described in some detail helped establish western views of the Orient as a place of passion Wood and Shay When my career as an educator later took me to the University of Ilorin in Nigeria to help found a department of performing arts, I noticed that the Arab influence was even more obvious.

Arab influence was clear even then. It turned out to be an impossible task and critics ultimately said so. An Atlas of African Affairs.

During these rituals the afflicted individuals are led into trances by the lead healer, often a woman, and by the musicians present in order to effect a cure which is to say a deal is struck with the particular spirit to release the victim for a specific time. Most scholars would probably point to the nine-volume Enciclopedia dello spettacolo as the standard reference in the field.

Wesleyan University Press, For the interested, the film merits a visit to New York City.

In focusing the work this way, it was obvious that the WECT project was taking many risks. Unfortunately, no manuscript of the play exists. Early on in this project, im- portant ground-work was laid by Ghassan Maleh of the Higher Institute of Theatre in Damascus.


There are haywti analyses and histories— some critical, some just documentation—of all the major companies and festivals that one could ever want to know about.

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Starting from the thirteenth century the art of the shadow play spread across the Arabian peninsula and into North Africa. Many dances from arabuc Arabian peninsula, Sudan, Egypt and North Africa are performed using opposing lines of dancers, usually, but not always, of the same sex.

It was this figure—al-hakawati the storyteller or rawi narrator —who seemed to hold so many connections to early elements of populist theatrical art. Aarbic leader often carries a kerchief or other object in his or her hand and directs the changes of step and movements.

Actresses suddenly were university graduates who partook fully in the administrative as well as artistic side of theatre. The Arabic language too is not so ghaptat easy to learn being, I am told, like a piece of poetry in which root sounds are clustered, often 12 carrying several simultaneous or even contradictory meanings.

Christian clubs there, however, tended to produce mostly in colloquial Arabic. Shadow plays were seen in Spain in the eleventh century by Ibn Hazim. But it was not until twenty years later and after his death that the play was published.

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To give but one key example, when work began on our European volume, there were only two dozen or so arqbic to deal with, and those in eastern Europe were guaranteeing they would cover all our writing and translation fees for aragic reg ion. Because a permanent exorcism is never achieved, the afflicted must continuously return to the zar gatherings, which for many participants constitute a supportive and pleasurable social activity see Bourguignon ; Eisler ; Saleh The fact that it is being done as part of a series of international volumes in cooperation with theatre professionals from other parts of the world and that it is being published in a major western language adds further to its usefulness.

This is also apparently the only puppet theatre in the Arab world which took such a comic turn. Galal, one of the most successful playwrights of his time because of his expressive qatch lively language, was himself accused of yielding to British moral pressure.