May you find success in all of your endeavors. We love to watch it. Perfect for a duel that all started from a misunderstanding. From far, the allied leaders watch nervously hoping for the base to fall anytime soon. How many times must you lose before you give up? Looking for a way out, Marshi notices two Houyan citizens and it all becomes clear. Anonymous May 27, at 1:

Dae Joyoung is an another great drama to watch!!!!. The second highlight of the episode! Judging from the ambushes, Murong Un deduces where Damdeok is trying to lead him: You must have JavaScript enabled to use this form. One of the highlights of the episode. Goguryeo must surprise the Houyan-Beiwei army and remove all chances to resist further. I was just wondering where the queen and her uncle was in the end. Dsd May 22, at 6:

It makes me furious to think about all the people who died because of that. In deep thought, he searches for an argument. Youzheng rapidly denies the thought and offers the excuse that Beiwei simply feared his country getting too powerful.

There is no need for anyone to stay here. AAArgh it stops playing at Anonymous May 21, at 9: You must have JavaScript enabled to use this form. This fight is not over, Un thinks.

The second highlight of the episode!


Anonymous May 21, at 7: Sutiben still working on draft for series synopsis. Anonymous October 20, at 6: Ko Un is meticulous. Suddenly, a voice from the back urgently calls for the Houyan emperor.

King Gwanggaeto the Great Episode 53 [1/2] – video dailymotion

Murong Un then orders the entire force to attack. But you forgot all that. Can you do te a favor? Skip to main content.

Also, Sutiben so wanted to see Ko Un… he was so passionate. Sutiben liked how drama went over military tactics used to beat out the enemy, especially when shown on a map.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Because sutiben is the new kid. Back at the Houyan camp, the patience of the leaders wears thin and anxiousness strikes. Bhajind May 22, at 1: I wanted to achieve the dream of my people from the start.

Although hesitant at first, the people push for it and Damdeok gives in. They must face the ambush unit head on. The whole unit then charges up the slope taking in multiple air attacks. We love to watch it. How can this be? Although kinda long, read the review of Gwanggaeto drama.

Just then, Ari arrives reporting the death of Ung Sim and her fellow Cheongun comrades. Not wanting to hear this, Murong Un orders him to drop it.

King Gwanggaeto the Great Episode 53 [1/2]

Sutiben learn so much from this drama. What do you mean? Gwanggaeto, the great judge: All the best take care. This was one among the other that have interested me. A truly epic drama!


More than that, the king has welcomed BiryeoMoheSilla and Baekje with open hands. Murong Un senses their time is up. The response takes Un by surprise. Very good drama this is Kiing hit the gates. With fear in his voice, the general points back 1.

Calmly approaching the camp is none other than the king with his entourage. Really enjoyed it, all thanks to you, regards from Mexico.

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Goguryeo archers rise from the rocks up ahead pointing their bows at them. Damdeok wants to embrace people, not make enemies. Anonymous May 21, at Yi Shin is another good one. Yet, taking back the base is the only thing they can do.

The reason I lost?