I loved watching these 2, and their scenes made me smile and cry. A new idea strikes, and Ja Eun cheerily takes out her phone to snap a couple of incriminating photos of the drunk Tae Hee. Ojakgyo Brothers – Episode I held my breath along with them, the sense of awareness was so thick. After gulping down her tears, she gets up to haltingly congratulate Tae Beom. Sitting with him is a memory of himself as a child, sitting alone in the exact same stiff-faced way, trying to hold it all in, after being abandoned by his mother. Tsuki February 23, at In the hands of any other actor, Tae Beom could have easily come across as completely distasteful because of his inconsiderate behavior.

The ramyun and kimbap are forgotten as the two of them embark on round after round, each getting flicked in turn. It feels like multiple short romance dramas packed into a large, generous, value-for-money family package. Early in episode 1, we see Tae Hee in badass cop mode during a stakeout. Notify me of new comments via email. Otherwise unemployed, Tae Pil spends his time scoping out potential targets based on the pedigree of their clothing and style choices. The four brothers are written as completely different characters, which is great. Ja Eun is all focused business, though, and tells him to sit still. Every brother shares scenes with each of his brothers, and I really like that.

Snow Flower January 9, at And if you actually work a rewatch into that Joo Won and those swoony bedroomy eyes! It adds so much dimension to the relationships between the brothers, that we get to see all manner of permutations in the make-up of their interactions.

And you can just feel the electricity in the air. But i just love how some of the are sooooo funny thats basically LOL moments.

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It was my 2nd kdrama ever, so I had a soft spot for the show, and for its leads Ji Sung and Eugene. Not only do they provide a great deal of texture and variance just by being so fundamentally different from one another, they also spark off one another in meaningful ways. As for drama recommendations, yes, I have lots! I say i dont like him like him but i like Ojakgyo the series haha LOL… Yes, u should try afterwards it finishes airing then if its a sad bothers n that puts u off, u have a choice of NOT watching it all together.


He brothrs down and drives away. I liked him brothrrs least out of the four brothers, and often wanted to throttle him because of his defiant, selfish words and actions.

He starts to turn his steering wheel, as if to move to join them, then stops himself, his smile fading to a pensive expression. Everyday I was pretending that nothing was wrong. I love that Tae Sik has to learn to look beyond appearances to find the one who is truly good for him and who truly loves him. As per usual, your review has sold me on yet another one….

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But then Mom proceeded to describe her own marriage and said that she was happy being a mom and taking care of her family, and that she had no regrets at all. Yes, SSH is pretty much loved brothsrs being handsome. In his tough, silent way, Tae Hee tries to deal with his grief, and in that brothesr, there is sometimes a glimpse of the boy within.

A LOT of squee-worthy moments in this show — more than many shorter shows, seriously.

There is a sprinkling of cute, if memory serves. Then as he matures and settles into a more responsible frame of mind, his hair settles too. Worlds Within has an almost docu-drama sort of feel to it, and gives some insight into the drama-making world. Those 2 made me want to growl at my screen sometimes! She cooks, she cleans, she farms, and she simultaneously makes things happen and keeps things together in her cheerful, wathc, bustling household.


He learns to come to terms with his hidden demons, and learns to give and receive love, not only in a romantic way, but also with his family. I hope you enjoy it! Credit goes to UEE for a very credible, engaging delivery. One of my favorite moments with this couple is in episode 32 when Soo Young awkwardly rewards Tae Beom with a kiss for heroically saving a kid from being stuck in an elevator.

Ja Eun creeps back into the tent and thoughtfully considers unconscious Tae Hee. I loved it, and in some ways, I like it even more than OB. Save Last Dance — I think I watched it twice as well but yeah sometimes when we like a series it does NOT mean we will like it forever since I think as time progresses our taste change.

Coffee Prince, i see bits and pieces not my thing n the others are all historic it seems so thanks anyway. He did somewhat better in My Princess, which was his first foray into rom-coms.


And his expressive bedroom eyes had me mesmerized.

Another family drama that’s high up on my episoed list is Life is Beautiful. Each of brothsrs four brothers gets his own love line, and each love line is a distinct type, making each different from the others.

They share A Moment, before Soo Yeong awkwardly breaks it up. She gets up close to Tae Hee, sweeps his hair away from his forehead and leaning close, exhales on it. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Because we have more time with this couple than, say, in a standard 16 episode rom-com, we actually get many opportunities to listen in on their everyday conversations.

Ja Eun is the pampered rich girl who appears to have everything, only to have that everything fall apart one day, leaving her homeless and alone. When an actress has had a lot of work done and starts looking different across different shows, it just feels really omakgyo.

I can understand actors getting some small fixes since their looks play a big part in their careers, but I find too much plastic surgery rather disconcerting. Over the course of the drama, it is so moving to see the two women find in each other, the fulfillment brpthers hopes that had felt only empty before.

I hate when a crack drama lets you down with a bad brohhers.

Every duck has a name, and she calls them her children — which I find kind of sweet, until she starts cooking them. Nine The Fangirl Verdict. And I mean that literally.

Tae Beom walks up close to her, takes her head gently in his hand and wipes her tears away for her. Every time, it hurt like this, but no one listened to me.

The four brothers are written as completely different characters, which is great. I will stay by your side. She covers Tae Hee with her own blanket and settles down to just watch him as he sleeps. Oshin Episode