Originally Posted by Seaurchin. Perhaps you already read this, but as this topic has been touched on by several forum members over the past couple of weeks, here goes: Since from your question it’s clear you don’t, educate yourself until you do. Since you already know what I think of your question, I can only assume you asked it as either an insult or as a provocation. A Patek or Lange is not of interest to one steeped in horological acumen for its innovativeness or the originality of its mechanism; mostly it is of interest for what is done with basic elements, which in their essentials have not changed much for over two hundred years. I try to convince myself the 2 watches are not the case, but my instinct tells it is for JLC.

You might not care for either gentleman’s approach once you grasp the context in which they exist in the same way I find Mr. I write to you because I would like your opinion on a couple of things that, in my case, are quite related: It comes from venerable Japanese watchmaker Casio whose G-Shock I adore , and offers an incredible amount of functionality for not too much money. And of course, if you feel the Jaeger is the way to go, listen to your heart; that way you get to listen to that delightful alarm as well. Luxury has many faces — at its worst, the word is used as a flabby excuse for slipshod quality having its way with predatory pricing; at its best, it is the unplanned for consequence of difficulty in craft, rarity of materials, or excellence in design. JLC has a lower quality finish than a few others

It uses a simple Valjoux chronograph movement. If I bought the Nomos, I would also consider purchasing another watch with the leftover money, a watch I could wear casually as well. This is actually a quite difficult choice because the two watches have a lot in common — if not in masteer details specifically, then certainly in the basic value on offer.

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As far as AskMen’s promotion elsewhere of current Hamilton watches, that is none of iaeger affair. Vulcain it is, if you ask me. Originally Posted by Seaurchin.

Ask The Watch Snob Archives: Now, I am about to set things right. The Nomos is a very fine watch as well, and there is no doubt that its designs have become as popular as they have for a reason. Aside from the fact that it is an exercise in fond nostalgia I can remember personally the excitement of the moon landings it is also a watch that has changed not at all since it was last certified by NASA in the early s and to boot, it is still in use in manned space flight today.


Well, sir, I happen to think that in fact there are circumstances in which the utilitarian can rise to the level of luxury, and the PloProf is an interesting case in point — an enormous, almost brutal case in point, but a case in point notwithstanding.

I am drawn to the latter because it is simple, but I also seldom wear a suit and feel it may be too formal to be worn everyday.

January 24th, 3.

Steel should be polished and shiny although never polished after purchase — the whole point of steel being its flashing tendencies and durable nature. The El Primero has a lot of history on its side as well. My first choice is the Oyster Perpetual 39 from Rolex, the brands new “entry level Rolex. Watch Etiquette Read More. As a faithful reader lecoiltre your work in these columns, I’m sure you can be of great help and I was wondering what your thoughts were about these watches.

Consider all respect lost.

Thanks to your enlightenment, I have come to the conclusion that Jaeger-LeCoultre is the best watchmaker in the world. You want to hunt and gather, memovoxx and bargain. I think you can rest assured that if the hammer in an alarm watch were apt to upset timekeeping, we’d know by now; people have been putting alarms in watches and clocks since before Shakespeare started swiving Anne Hathaway.

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While I cherish his watch almost as much as his fish stories, I never wear it outside my home as I am neither a diver nor a jackass. January 24th, 1. It is what it is I even know Patek watchmakers who wear Jaeger LeCoultre watches… think about that! Given my concerns, do you think the Wafch movement in this particular watch is robust enough and is Master Memovox the best choice for this type of complication at a similar price point?

I pull my forelock, I bow low, I sweep my draggled plume in the dirt at your venerable ancestry and lecoultrw financial acumen. The first lesson my Greek Rhetoric tutor gave me was how to pose a sensible question.

Watch Snob article on why JLC isn’t considered “holy quadrinity” Question from a Watch Knob Hey, I am interested in the Oceanus line as they look pretty cool, and seem like something that can take a beating. I know your first recommendation would typically be the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch, however, because the profession I will be entering into is more conservative than most the type where some senior partners and judges say, a blue dress shirt is casualI am looking for one or two dress watches I can wear at the office.

This is an almost disturbingly erudite inquiry; for something as intelligently considered to have landed in what passes for my inbox makes me wonder whether or not the rumored apocalypse is in the making.


Why can’t Hublot be considered part of the group, they have excellent finishing. Watch Snob Engagement Watch Value: All the opinions expressed by the Watch Snob are my own, and are just that — opinions. Watches have been around for a very, leocultre, very, very, very long time. Would I buy a “used” watch? In your professional opinion, which is better? The Watch Snob is in. Send it to editorial askmen. In a way that the Longines and the Nomos are not, it really is a sort of cornerstone piece and has a significantly better chance, in my view, of being a watch you will have ten or twenty years from now and which moreover you will look at fondly for it having been a trustworthy companion for so long.

Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. I understand that they both have an ETA base, but I think wtach works of Ludwig Oechslin and Richard Habring are excellent examples of modern horological innovation.

Watch Snob article on why JLC isn’t considered “holy quadrinity”

Mechanical alarm watches have recently caught my attention and I’m curious whether you find this particular complication to be worthy of adding to a well-rounded collection or whether it’s jarger horological oddity.

What an honour and a privilege for one so debased as myself to exchange in spirited intercourse with the scion of such a proud house whichever one it is. Now the PloProf clearly leans towards one perhaps two of these.

The alarum is one of ye oldest complications known to horology, in point of fact; some of the earliest known spring-powered table clocks had alarm complications, so it’s something with the weight of history behind it, if not any urgent modern practical need though as I never tire of saying — and by “never” I mean “frequently” — those of us brought together by the muse of horology are not really susceptible to her charms because of practical necessity. If you ever plan to clap your hands, snap lecouotre fingers, or swiftly clasp the waist of a beautiful senorita to your torso whilst performing the tango, you will be transmitting far more energy to the watch than its feeble little hammer can ever do, and besides, the calibre is wacth solid a piece of kit as anyone in the Joux Valley or indeed the whole expanse of the Confederation Helvetica is making these days.